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Unsaid Truth..!!

I miss you... I really wished you being here. I don't know any reason for missing you even today. I have moved on life and so has you, but still wish if  I could get one chance to love you again and I would love you right. I miss the craziness we had for each-other. Its hard to share the same with someone else.
I miss hearing those lovely words from you, just making me feel like a princess of the entire world. I miss your humble and sweet smile that used to lighten my world, making me forget everything around. You making my heart skip a beat. You taught me the meaning of true love, that is never ending. I feel so lucky and blessed to share a part of my life with you.
I never thought life would take you so far from me and my life. You came into my  life as a promise and blessing of love, but  never thought it would break and go away. Well you going away did made me more stronger than I was, but I never wanted to be lost with your love all alone. I wished to be with you forever bes…

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