Sunday, 22 November 2015

Life as Experience

Completing 29 years of my life, makes you feel so old. But if I really look at myself, I am still a kid at heart. And that is definitely for my friends (I know they would agree with me).
It just feels that yesterday only I finished my studies and started working. In many ways it is so different now. Everyone is busy in their life, no one has time for anyone, forget anyone- no one has time for them selves.
I wonder at times, where has the time gone when fun was all about getting together with friends doing nothing, but still used to have a blast. Now, if we talk about fun, it usually means having drinks at some expensive place. Though I would say, I am lucky to have friends with me with whom I can still have fun and good time like old days. I do miss those times, there's no doubt in that. Working is another experience all together.
While working you learn so much different things, that you cannot get from books. As we age, we grow personally and intellectually. But when you are working, it gives you more experience in knowing people (good and bad) and having an experience of out side world. It feels safe when you are at college and home, because you are always with people you know and can rely on. But as you move out from there and go to new world it changes your entire way of looking at things- looking at things in more practical manner.
At age when you are studying, you make friends with whom you get attached that if you have fights with them you feel bad in the end of the day. But when you are working the relationship with people is more of intellectual understanding. It teaches you how to be with certain people, there you don't have an option of relying on someone blindly, as there is so much of competition these days that people only think about themselves and their growth (to move up in life).

Overall it is a good experience. I don't say you don't make friends at all. Exceptions are everywhere. But all I am trying to say is that as we were kids and used to do stupid things with your friends, you can't be same with people you work. No one knows who can use things against you when needed. So you need to be careful. 

And same I have felt across all these years. I have seen my self growing and being more strong than before. 
Personally also there are few experiences that make you strong, if one chooses to be and yes I am talking about LOVE. Everyone, once in lifetime, falls in Love. And people who are lucky to be with them have overwhelming experience. But for people who loose the one person they have loved, they do become more strong with coming time. Because lets face it, be it a guy or a girl, everyone feels the same pain. There is no difference in pain.

Well, there would be more to write but I guess everyone knows that phase in life, so won't be dragging.  
In the end, just would like to say is- Live life as it comes because even if you ignore it, it will still stay. But as soon as you face it and fight it, it will go sooner. 
Stay calm, patient, optimistic and happy. When something bad happens, good also comes on your way. You may miss something good in your life by dwelling in the sorrows. 
Hence, be happy always nothing can make you unhappy than yourself.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Love Undefined!!

Love does not happen with anyone you know or would have known for years.
Love just is a feeling in which a person falls even when you are not aware of. Its a feeling that is mutual for all the special and important people in your life. It all depends on one's choice to make someone their first priority in their life. This doesnt mean that his/her love for others changes, instead all it means is that one person has become the most important part of their life.
People always talk about their first love but to be honest and fair its not the first love you will never forget; you will always move on from it, the one thing you can never let go is when you find your pure and true love.
There is no specific defination of Love. It has always been on an individual- how they describe it. But in the end, it all comes to few things- that you would feel this deep for someone- you care for them more than yourself, you would do anything ti make them smile, you would want to be the reason for their happiness, you would do anything to make them stay in your life, you would always find out little time from your busy schedule just to hear them once, just a thought of them would make you cry/smile.
If you have all these for someone that means you love them. Saying someone  'I Love You' is not enough at times but doing things for them or showing them through your gestures/actions may give more meaning than just saying 'I Love You'.
I am not a genius on these things myself but if I wonder and think what would I appreciate- is all the things I wrote above.
Sometimes we become so busy in our life and work, that we let these things pass us by maybe just because we all are (subconsiously) scared to fall in love and get hurt.
But just a theory, if we never take a chance or risk then maybe you will never be able to find what you are waiting/looking for.
I dont say that be with anyone that comes across but atleast give a chance to yourself and someone you feel could be worth. Even if it doesnt turn out as you expected in the end but atleast you would never spend time in thinking 'what ifs'.
You should never live your life in 'what ifs' because it may make you avoid pain but you may even miss the chance to find that happiness everyone wishes for.
What I have learned from my personal experiences is that pain we feel, it at times brings out a strong person that would fight against anything but I also agree that when it hits you- its unbearable.
Although life has never stopped; due to this pain I may have let go the chances of being happy. Because I have been busy celebrating the pain within. There comes a time when you are done with the pain. The more you face them the more they relieve you from it. That is all I believe.
I have done my bit and now its life's time to give me or make me face more experiences that would grow me as a person. It doesnt mean I am not scared of getting hurt again, trust me I fear that the most because I dont want to be at same stage again. But I give chances to myself to try and go with my feelings as all are different in person. There is not a perfect list of anyones dream partner. Reality is that you never find that one perfect person evryone idealises but it will be one person who would set with you perfectly- ignoring all the flaws you or they have.
So live life freely and with caution as you never know what you have today will be present tomorrow too.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Unsaid Truth..!!

I miss you... I really wished you being here. I don't know any reason for missing you even today. I have moved on life and so has you, but still wish if  I could get one chance to love you again and I would love you right. I miss the craziness we had for each-other. Its hard to share the same with someone else.
I miss hearing those lovely words from you, just making me feel like a princess of the entire world. I miss your humble and sweet smile that used to lighten my world, making me forget everything around. You making my heart skip a beat. You taught me the meaning of true love, that is never ending. I feel so lucky and blessed to share a part of my life with you.
I never thought life would take you so far from me and my life. You came into my  life as a promise and blessing of love, but  never thought it would break and go away. Well you going away did made me more stronger than I was, but I never wanted to be lost with your love all alone. I wished to be with you forever beside me.
I know we are on our own world, but it would have been so much better if I could share it with you. Year's have gone by but as I close my eyes I still see you right here, I feel you just next to me and I just do not want open my eyes.
I can't explain my love for you but I live it every day more than yesterday. I don't know if it would be right to say that I just miss you, because missing you means that I miss all the time that we have spent together. And missing you today means that I want to live those moments again only with you. I would define my love not as 'My first love' because that would be wrong, but my love definitely defines as 'My true love'.  

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Life is not what you want it to be like... when you want it to be all fun, it will be all boring with all the work all around. Finally when you are in mood to work, it will take a turn that you would have never expected. It happens always with me... now when I am done with all the fun thing, I am getting all the chances to fun around...I am just ignoring them as I should.
well here's something i wrote for that--

Life is a going water that stops for no one,
...if you have many things or have none.
Doesn't matter how you want it to be,'s the way it has to be.
Sometimes life isn't fair at all,
...but we call it as HIS call.
To lead a simple life is what everyone wants,
...but still somewhere in them something haunts.
Many people come across in life,
...some become your soul and then life.
Even if you loose them one day,
...that doesn't stop your life to sail.
You are the one who can try to take your life your way,
...but don't take granted what you have as it can just go away.
It's not what life teaches you...
but just a chance you give your life to teach you.
The sweetness of life and the sour of truth,
...the two things never be apart and is also a truth.
I have lost many things in my life too,
...but that hasn't stooped me gathering good things as I continue to do.
My life hasn't stopped and it will never stop,
...that's toughest truth of life that makes you never halt.
You still meet new people around,'re nor okay but you just want to be a happy sound.
Love yourself,You is all you've of your own,
...those time and people you loved have just flown.
They're never gonna come or you will go, with the truth and be happy, make happy...this is all what you know..!!!

this one is with no name....but for someone!!!

I wrote this long time back,so thought of sharing...

One of the nicest things about us is that we are sincere towards each other. The romance is wonderful,
but what i cherish even more is our ability to communicate with each other in the deepest sense of world...
... ... ...The sensitivity we have for each other allows us to feel and truly understand everything even before a word is spoken.
          I just have to laugh when I think of some of the crazy things we have been half the fun with anyone else but YOU...
...I love to look back at those times, and to all the moments spent with you...
                       .......I would not trade even one of those memories for anything in the world, because they are so much a part of my life...
                                        ...and so are you.
In thoughts, you are never far apart from one who is close in heart. Though I can't be there with you today... thoughts are always with you always...!!

Our LOVE was truly meant to be...

It amazes me that out of the whole world
I would find the one person,
who would make my life complete...
...and that we were both at the right place to meet
 and at the right time... our lives to fell in love.

It makes me so thankful for all that happened
to bring us together and once again I realize....
...that our LOVE was truly meant to be...!!!